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As Calgary’s oldest substance use disorder treatment facility, Recovery Acres Calgary Society or RACS has been a valued asset to the community for 50 years. First established in Mission in 1973, then later moved to 1835 27th Ave SW (hence, “1835 House”),  RACS has helped more than 15,000 individuals find recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.


We’ve recently expanded to offer programming to all adult individuals who meet the requirements to access our programs. Total immersion in RACS culture of recovery is a powerful experience. It has changed the lives of countless clients who made the decision to commit to their recovery program.


The 1835 Recovery Model emphasizes a supportive and respectful group setting, with 24/7 access to counsellors who have first-hand experience in recovery. Residency offers time for individuals to grow and learn in a stable environment, aided by the mentorship of Alumni and peers.


“Individuals from all walks of life come to 1835 House in hopes of a brighter future. At first glance, these men may look very different from one another, but they all seem to have one thing in common

- RACS Alumni


"I've been to a lot of treatment centres and part of a lot of groups, and this is by far the best. The presenters get down to the real issues and emotions. It's been life-changing. Thank you!"

- RACS Alumni


Many RACS alumni go on to lead happy, productive lives free from addiction. They reunite with their families and loved ones. They succeed at work like never before. They become valued members of their communities. In many ways, community is the essence of recovery.



Helping those who live with substance use disorders achieve long-term recovery and restore individual, family and communities to wellness.


Long-term recovery is available for all who live with substance use disorders and co occurring mental health concerns.


  • Respect, compassion and dignity for all people regardless of cultural, social and economic factors

  • Trust and integrity in all that we do

  • Open minded with an ongoing commitment to progress

  • Safe and supportive environment for all

  • Responsible to provide excellence in the health care of clients and staff.

Recovery Acres Calgary Society has a long standing presence in the Alberta Recovery Community and has evolved since our inception. With the assistance of stakeholders RACS added extended sober living in 2001, CARE for Women in 2016 and today provide inpatient and outpatient programs to all individuals 18+. As an experienced addiction treatment provider we have honed our skills over the years. “The 1835 Recovery Model” was written and published in 2008, sharing our knowledge of residential treatment, residential recovery, mission, vision, philosophy, culture, model and purpose. 

To suit the ever changing landscape of the addictions field our team uses up to date best practices ever evolving a client centric treatment model. RACS has formulated client transition pathways, involving family, holistic care with an increasing focus on concurrent capabilities with proven success. 

RACS Alumni cultivate a culture of resilience within and outside of the recovery community becoming pillars of society. An ever growing population of alumni represents our organization, the tentacles of recovery exponentially reaching more people each year, reducing the stigma of addiction. With over 1700 alumni returning to our facility to accept a plaque for achieving one year of sobriety and over a 100 alumni returning to accept a 25 year plaque of continuous sobriety. Countless more may not have returned to accept these accolades but remain in their respective communities building recovery for themselves and others.


The Board

Sherrie Fowler

Sherrie Fowler

I am proud and excited to be a board member of an organization that makes such a difference in the Calgary community. Addiction has become such a prominent health and social issue in today’s environment and RACS has provided a solution to those who seek help.


Brad Wlasichuk

Past Board Chair 


Beverley Forbes

I joined Recovery Acres Calgary Society because I value and respect the work that is done by the organization.  I am excited to be part of RACS, particularly at this time, with the expansion of the women's center and programs.


Kirk Weich

I joined the RACS board to ensure my friends and family that have experienced addiction challenges have a place to provide them with the critical support they need to heal.


Tony Bell

I discovered Recovery Acres 13 years into my own journey struggling with addiction.  I liked what I saw and am honoured to be able to be part of their efforts in helping others with their struggle.

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James Catherwood

I am honored to be part of the Recovery Acres Calgary Society. This Society gives me an opportunity to support a community that provides essential services to people with addictions. The programs are proven and trusted in the addictions community and have helped many. I am proud to offer my services to the Board, Management and Clients.

Kellie DHondt

Kellie D’Hondt

I am honored to be a contributor to the Recovery Acres Calgary Society, particularly with the launch of the women’s residential treatment program. I have joined RASC to lend my support to the Society, assisting the men and women in our community struggling with addiction.

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