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RACS Programs

​​Provincially funded addiction treatment

for Alberta residents, call for full details.

Phase One Residential Treatment:


Phase one, residential treatment is 42 days in duration. It is suited for those best served by temporary absence from a stressful environment and total immersion in the recovery house setting. Clients participate in daily house chores, have immediate access to 24 hour counselling, and stay tightly focused on their sobriety objectives. Individuals are provided with an opportunity to grow in a stable environment from which they can re-establish themselves in the community gradually, further reducing the risk of relapse.

Objectives of phase one residential treatment are:

-Introduction to the Twelve Step Model of Recovery

-Introduction to Co-Occurring conditions and issues that often contribute

   and exacerbate addictions

-Recognition and acceptance of alcoholism/drug addiction

-Development of coping mechanisms (relapse prevention)

-Obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs

-One on one counselling

-Psychological assessment

-Medical professionals

-Group discussions (counsellor facilitated)

-Regular attendance at self-help meetings (AA, NA, CA, CMA, etc.)

-Peer support

-Reading and written assignments

-Films and discussion

-Aftercare planning

-Provide a supportive environment conducive to recovery

-Develop outside support system (discharge planning)

Phase Two Residential Treatment:


After the first 42 days of treatment, a client is considered to have completed Phase one and will have the option to continue to Phase two. By entering Phase two, Clients are required to seek full time employment or return to work if already employed. At this stage of treatment, Clients are required to be active in their recovery and continue to attend in-house programming, counselling, and attendance of 12-step recovery meetings within our community, in addition to the Phase I objectives.


Phase two adds the following:

-Develop problem-solving skills (life skills)

-Obtain stable employment

-Client is stable and self supporting upon discharge

-Longer term Clients often become in house seniors to newer Clients

-Assistance with job search

-Referrals to external agencies (outstanding issues, skills upgrading, etc)

Phase Three Residential Recovery  :


Recovery Acres owns additional houses in close proximity to 1835 House. Theses beds are for individuals who have completed phase one and phase two treatment, but are not yet ready to live on their own. Clients in Phase three Treatment are required to maintain stable full time employment, continue to attend in-house programming, attend 12-step recovery meetings within the community, and are encouraged to be role models for the clients still residing in the main facility. Weekly meetings and one on one counselling sessions are mandatory and used to evaluate a client’s continued progress. By following these requirements, the risk of relapse over the long term is reduced.


Phase three treatment objectives/supports:

-Provide a safe and supportive environment over the long term

-Allow clients additional time to resolve personal issues

-Nurture the individual toward confidence and independence

-Regular attendance at 12 step meetings and in house meetings

-Active role in the RACS seniors and alumni association

-Peer support

-One to one counselling

-Referrals to educational and social agencies

Outpatient (Day Program) 

Outpatient is a minimum of three (3) weeks in duration and can be extended one (1) week at a time if required. It runs Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM until 7:15 PM. Using the Twelve (12) Step Model of Recovery, Outpatient program provides a solid foundation in recovery for those afflicted with alcoholism and addiction.


The objectives are:

-Introduction to the Twelve Step Model of Recovery

-Recognition and acceptance of alcoholism/drug addiction

-Development of coping mechanisms (relapse prevention)

-Obtain and maintain healthy lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs

-One on one counselling

-Medical professionals 

-Group discussions (facilitated by a counsellor)

-Regular attendance at self-help meetings (AA, NA, CA, CMA, etc.)

-Peer Support

-Reading and written assignments

-Films and discussion

-Aftercare planning


Recovery Acres Calgary Society (RACS) makes the admission process simple and comfortable.​

Withdrawing from any substance, can be a dangerous process. We recommend you consult with a physician or seek a medically supervised detoxification at a medically supervised detox facility. RACS is not a medical facility and cannot supervise this stage of the recovery process.


Individuals can call, email, or contact us through this website. Our intake advisor will go through a quick screening over the phone to ensure there are no immediate obstacles to receiving treatment and ensure  individual can achieved 5 days free from mind-altering substances.

We then schedule an in-person interview to get to know you, offer you a chance to get to know us, and to ensure that your recovery goals can be met by our model of recovery.

Following a successful interview, an intake schedule will be established.

RACS accepts those who are:

-Adults (18+) with a Substance Use Disorder

-Free from mind-altering substances for a minimum of five days (prior to     date of interview)

-Able to work full-time following our 42 day program (Long-term                        Residential Program clients)

-Able to commit to a minimum of 3 weeks away from work (Day               Program clients)

-Have no court dates pending/scheduled during treatment period

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