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Recovery Acres (Calgary) Society acknowledges that individuals who identify as a sexual, gender, or cultural minority often face significant barriers to accessing addiction treatment services. We strive to create an environment that values and welcomes diversity, and respects a client’s individual path to recovery. By providing an environment where clients, families, clinicians, staff and volunteers feel safe, we help to reduce those barriers.


We also acknowledge that vulnerable populations are disproportionately impacted by chronic disease due to a cultural, social, economic, and environmental factors, that are often interrelated. Recovery Acres (Calgary) Society strives to care for all clients from unique social and cultural backgrounds, often with different languages, socio-economic circumstances, and underlying health or illness. As an organization, we recognize that specific populations may require additional support and/or alternative approaches to meet their needs throughout their recovery journey. We have therefore integrated Alberta Health Services modules for training staff in competencies for vulnerable populations. These modules include:

·   AHS Primary Care Program Diversity Awareness Self-Reflection Tool


·   Various courses offered through the Primary Health Care Learning Portal.


These resources encourage self-awareness, sensitivity, and reflection on creating a safer and more welcoming environment for recovery.

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