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We continue to assess operational risk and we will keep our community informed of changes or cancellations. Please refer to and social media for further updates.


John Petryshen

Executive Director                         



CARE for Women - Covid-19 - Programming 

Online 2-week intensive addiction and mental health (co-occurring) program where we can help you establish a meaningful connection, explore in-depth group processes, create an individualized program plan, introduction to recovery foundations and the Alberta community of addiction support resources. 

Brain research indicates that people exposed to stress are more likely to abuse alcohol or other drugs, or to relapse to addiction.

Our team of qualified staff consists of:

·         Group counselling and individual consults with a Masters level registered counselor

·         Group coaching and individual consults with a senior recovery coach with lived experience in addiction

·         A complete Psychological Evaluation and recommendations from a Doctoral Level registered psychologist and Substance Use Disorders specialist.

Book your free phone consultation with a CARE clinicians today -

Phone: 403-229-0795         Email:

1835 HOUSE

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Programs utilizing highly effective and proven Mental Health Counselling and Recovery Groups.

Obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from Substance Use, specifically suited to Men's needs.


"I took what I learned from 1835 HOUSE and have been doing that for 30 years. It's where I learned to live free from old behaviours"

- 1835 HOUSE Alumni

Program Features: 

- Intensive Recovery Groups

- Introduction to the 12-Step Model of Recovery

- Strong Abstinence Based Culture 

- Counselling Staff Onsite 24 Hours a day/7 Days a Week

- Relapse Prevention & Alumni Support 

- Structured Schedule to Create Effective Change

- After Care with Ongoing Support and Access

- Individualized Psychological Services


Day Program providing compassionate and respectful Treatment for Women Suffering from Mental Health Concerns. 


Treatment by Women for Women


Obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from Substance Use, specifically suited to Women's needs.

"I've been to a lot of treatment centres and part of a lot of groups, and this is by far the best. The presenters get down to the real issues and emotions. It's been life-changing. Thank you!"

- CARE Alumni

Program Features: 

- Identify and cultivate awareness around underlying patterns of behaviour

- Two week intensive day program followed by weekly relapse prevention program 

- Creation of an individualized treatment plan

- Introduction to the 12-Step model of recovery

- Holistic approach

- Hours uniquely suited to accommodate women with children

- Onsite Child Minding Services available at an additional fee

- Individualized Mental Health Services

Program cost: $1950.00

* Partial subsidies may be available for financially barriered women. 



1835 House:

Our admission procedure is a simple, two stage process.

If you have decided you want help, 1835 House makes the admission process simple and comfortable.


Withdrawing from any substance, can be a dangerous process. We recommend you consult with a physician or seek a medically supervised detoxification at a medically supervised detox facility. 1835 House is not a medical facility and cannot supervise this stage of the recovery process.


Once an individual has achieved 5 days free from mind-altering substances, they can call, email, or contact us through this website.

We go through a quick screening over the phone to ensure there are no immediate obstacles to receiving treatment.

We then schedule an in-person interview to get to know you, offer you a chance to get to know us, and to ensure that your recovery goals can be met by our model of recovery.

Following a successful interview, an intake schedule will be established.

1835 House accepts those who are:

Adults (18+) with a Substance Use Disorder

Free from mind-altering substances for a minimum of five days (prior to booking interview)

Able to work full-time following our 42 day program (for long-term Men's Residential Program clients)

Able to commit to a minimum of 3 weeks away from work (for our Day Program clients)

Have no court dates pending/scheduled during treatment period

Able to pay a fee for service, or qualify for assistance (eg. Alberta Supports); 1835 can provide information and support you through the process of applying for funding.







CARE for Women:

Our admission procedure is a simple process.

If you have decided you want help, CARE for Women makes the admission process simple and comfortable.

You can call, email, or contact us through this website.

We go through a quick screening over the phone to ensure suitability for program.

We then schedule an in-person interview to get to know you, offer you a chance to get to know us, and to ensure that your recovery goals can be met by our model of recovery.

Following a successful intake interview, a group start date will be established.

CARE for Women accepts Adults (18 or older). 


Our Treatment Models



At 1835 House the starting point in recovery is abstinence from mind altering substances.

We provide practical tools and treatment that help men learn to live free from old behaviours. 

Over the course of treatment 1835 House provides resources, practical tools, mentorship, counselling, and support. Counsellors who are also in recovery are available to clients on-site 24/7.


Both Residential and Day Programs include structured days and participation in a respectful and supportive group setting.

Clients learn new tools for coping with behaviours through an intensive recovery-oriented curriculum.

Working a 12-step program, attending meetings, and establishing a place within a community of recovering peers is the foundation of this healing journey.

Psychological Health & Substance Disorder services at CARE for Women and 1835 House provided by Dr. John Streukens, Ph.D. (Ed), M.Ed., R. Psych., CRHSPP, ICCDPD, RSAS, SAP, of SAE Psychological Consulting. Dr. Streukens brings over 30 years of clinical experience in treating addictions, substance use disorders, mental health, and the development of co-occurring disorder programs.



1835 House is a Fully Accredited Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facility in Calgary, Alberta. It's known in recovery circles for the quality of its programs. Over the course of 46 years, 1835 House has helped more than 14,000 men.


A long history of recovery from Substance Use, lines the walls of 1835 House. Plaques to commemorate the first year of freedom from behaviours, for more than 1,500 Alumni, serve as inspiration to men who are currently in treatment. Plaques for the Quarter Century Club also recognize more than 80 Alumni who have lived behaviour free for 25 years or longer.



Dedicated, compassionate, empathetic, and strong… just a few words that describe our exceptional all-female site team at CARE for Women. CARE was founded in the Fall of 2016 to serve women from our province, and across Canada.


Men's Phase 1 - Day Program


3-6 weeks

Monday to Friday

9:00am – 7:15 pm

The Day Program is designed for clients who feel an out-patient treatment option best suits their circumstances. The primary objective of this program is to support men in obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from mental health concerns. Clients focus on recognizing and accepting old behaviours, and developing coping skills that will help prevent relapse.


The Day Program includes:


  • One on one counselling

  • Counsellor facilitated group discussions

  • Introduction to the Twelve Step Model of Recovery

  • Peer support and recovery support meetings

  • Recovery-related curriculum and assignments

  • Aftercare planning

Men's Phase 2 - Residential Program


42 day minimum stay, with extended stay available for up to 6 months


Flexibility for progressing clients who would benefit from staying more than six months

Total immersion in the 1835 House culture of recovery is a powerful experience. It has changed the lives of thousands of men who made the decision to commit to their recovery program. The 1835 Recovery Model emphasizes a supportive and respectful group setting, with 24/7 access to counsellors who have first-hand experience in recovery. Residency offers time for individuals to grow and learn in a stable environment, aided by the mentorship of Alumni and peers.


The primary objective of the Residential Program is to help men obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is free from substance use. Clients begin with a focus on recognizing and accepting behaviours, and quickly begin to develop skills to achieve and maintain long term sobriety. Through introduction to the Twelve Step Recovery Model – both within the house and in the community – our clients develop a strong external support system, in addition to the 1835 House community.


Becoming a productive member of their community and society is an integral part of our model of recovery. Following the 42 day treatment program, many clients choose to enter Phase 2 of treatment in which they are required to return to work or find new employment. A job contributes to self-esteem and confidence. 1835 House provides support for men in early recovery as they seek employment, implement problem-solving skills learned in their program, and meet real-world challenges as they arise. Clients experience steady growth into healthy self-sufficiency, building new connections and strengthening their support network.


The Residential Program includes:

  • One on one counselling, available 24/7

  • Counsellor facilitated group discussions

  • Introduction to the Twelve Step Model of Recovery

  • Recovery support meetings

  • Recovery-related curriculum and assignments

  • Psychological assessment

  • Referrals to external support agencies (skill upgrading, additional mental health support)

  • Employment search support

  • Aftercare planning

Men's Phase 3 - Transitional Housing Program



The Transitional Housing Program (Phase 3) is designed for men who have completed the Residential Program and have secured employment, who opt to live offsite but continue to receive ongoing counselling support and deepen their recovery practices. Phase 3 clients still have responsibilities at the house, including attendance of a minimum of two meeting per week at 1835 House, providing mentorship to new clients and regular conversations with staff and counsellors.


Phase 3 housing is within walking distance of 1835 House, and the accommodation is shared with other clients who are also beginning to move toward independent living. This framework creates a supportive environment for men as they transition out of residential treatment, strengthens their recovery and reduces the risk of relapse. Staying in transitional housing for up to two years following residential treatment also allows clients additional time to resolve personal issues, pursue part time education/job skill training, while developing confidence and independence. Clients continue to develop a fellowship with others in recovery that will last for years to come.


Clients in the Transitional Housing Program play an active role in the 1835 Seniors Group and are integral members of the 1835 House recovery community.


Women's Phase 1 - Day Program

Duration: 2 weeks Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm

Immersive outpatient treatment program,  See program Update Covid-19 

Program cost: $1950.00, See Covid-19 update for online program pricing 

* Partial subsidies may be available for financially barriered women. 

"What if your addiction is your body's way of sending you important information about yourself, information that you could use and learn to respond to in life affirming ways?" Jessica, CARE Counsellor


The CARE Day Program is designed specifically for women who struggle with substance use and behavioural addictions in combination with depression, trauma-related issues, anxiety, or other mental health challenges. Our CARE program is trauma-informed and designed to provide life-affirming and informative material. Our program is facilitated by credentialed staff in a safe and supportive group setting. The primary objective is to support women in gaining awareness and greater flexibility in responding to life's challenges, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle free from substance use and/or addictive behaviours. Our approach is an abstinence based, clinical model that combines psychological testing, assessment and therapy, along with 12-step recovery foundations and experiential psycho-education. CARE works to meet women's unique needs, motivations, and alleviate barriers to accessing treatment.


An integral focus of the program is for women to gather and work at developing their identity and cultivate optimal relationships with themselves and others. Through introduction to the Twelve Step Recovery Model, we encourage women to quickly develop an external support system, in addition to the CARE for Women community. Time is also spent identifying and disrupting underlying patterns which contribute to habituated substance use and/or addictive behaviours. Clients experience growth by learning and implementing self-sufficient techniques to combat their habits and promote overall well-being.


The comprehensive experiential psycho-educational Day Program includes:

  • Awareness of patterns underlying habitual substance use

  • Group therapy with a Registered Master's level clinician

  • Psychological assessment and recommendations provided

  • One-on-one counselling services

  • Introduction to the 12-step recovery foundations

  • Mindfulness and relaxation practices

  • Other holistic and process-oriented activities

Women's Phase 2 - Relapse Prevention


10 weeks Thursdays

5pm to 6:30pm

Relapse prevention offers our clients the opportunity to connect, plan and continue advancing in a substance-free lifestyle. These in-depth, conveniently scheduled sessions allow for continued growth and healthy lifestyle development. We endeavor to strengthen women's personal recovery journeys and encourage a process of deep inner exploration. 


The relapse prevention sessions include:

  • Enhancing awareness and increasing flexibility in responding to triggers

  • Managing and optimizing mental health with holistic strategies

  • Furthering self-discovery and connection with self

  • Strengthening and building additional relationships, supports and community

  • Gaining tools and skills for relapse prevention

Women's Phase 3 -Continuing Care



CARE offers the opportunity for Alumni to connect with each other. Our team is also continuously developing additional curriculum suited to enhancing the relapse prevention process and recovery way of life. We welcome alumni to periodically check in with our team to see what enhanced programming is available on a free, by donation, or nominal cost basis.


Continuing CARE opportunities include:

  • Alumni recovery groups and connection

  • 12-step recovery based gatherings

  • Music or other artistic therapy sessions

  • Various holistic based workshops

  • Connecting with Alumni through fundraisers and volunteer events


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